Miguel Pragier

Software Developer

Who I Am

My name is Miguel Pragier, and I've been making software since 1996 .

For each project, I used a different set of technologies, according to the needs of the business.

I've worked for banks, fintechs, marketing agencies, government and political parties, digital entertainment, mature companies, and startups.

Most of my career has happened in small and new companies. It means that I know a lot about small to medium-scale software and MVPs.

Over the past few years, I've been developing software for the web in GOlang, storing data in SQL and NoSQL databases, and deploying in managed cloud environments.

I'm currently living in Hamburg / Germany with my wife and 2 kids.

My interests are traveling, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, and - naturally - programming.

My Current Tech Stack Highlights

  • GO Language
  • Linux and Windows
  • SQL and PostgreSQL
  • AWS & DigitalOcean
  • GitHub & GitLab
  • Terraform
  • AI Aided Software Development & Review ( ChatGPT & CoPilot )

Professional Experience

CIRCUS Kitchens SE
Title Senior Golang Backend Software Developer
Location & Local Germany/Hamburg - Hybrid
Period From 07/2022 to 06/2033
Job Description Cloud Native Backend API for a complex mobile app
☑ Backend development with GO language
☑ Deep Documentation Improvements
☑ Many Integrations with 3rd Party APIs
☑ Backend CI/CD Pipelines with Github Workflow
☑ Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
☑ Comprehensive Automated Tests Suite
☑ Scrum Ceremonies
Main Tech Stack
  • ☞ GoLang
  • ☞ AWS Fargate
  • ☞ AWS Lambda
  • ☞ Commercetools
  • ☞ Github
  • ☞ Terraform
Some more CIRCUS has kitchens distributed in some German cities, as well as a delivery service. Through the application, the user orders and receives fresh and still warm food at home.

NEXODE Consulting GmbH
Formerly Ebeling Consulting GmbH
Title Senior Golang Backend Software Developer
Location & Local Germany Hamburg & Berlin Hybrid ( Mostly Remote )
Period From 07/2022 to 12/2022
Job Description Cloud Native Backend Software Development for WEB with REST APIs
☑ Backend development with GO language
☑ Database design, programming and migrations
☑ Backend CI/CD Pipelines with Tasks and Gitlab
☑ Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, provisioning S3, RDS, Lambda, etc.
☑ Hundreds of Unit Tests
☑ Rigid Scrum Routine
Main Tech Stack ☞ GoLang
☞ Linux
☞ AWS Lambda
☞ SQL, PostgreSQL and AWS RDS
☞ Docker
Some more NEXODE offers state of art software development, with DevOps integrated processes.

Alfatier GmbH
Title Senior Golang Backend Software Developer
Location & Local Hamburg/Germany - Hybrid (Home-Office & In-Office)
Period From 10/2021 to 04/2022
Job Description Cloud Native Backend Software Development for WEB with REST APIs
☑ Backend development with GO language
☑ Understanding the business requirements and designing the corresponding software feature
☑ Database design, programming and migrations
☑ Backend CI/CD Pipelines with Make and Gitlab
☑ Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, provisioning DNS, CloudRun, CloudSQL, etc.
☑ Messaging translation I18N for more than 30 languages
Main Tech Stack ☞ GoLang
☞ Linux
☞ Google CloudRun
☞ NewRelic
☞ SQL, PostgreSQL and CloudSQL
☞ Docker
Some more Alfatier is the best combination of a complete talent & skills' manager for companies with a modern showcase for experts.​

AIconix GmbH
Title Senior Golang Backend Software Developer
Location & Local Hamburg/Germany - Home-Office
Period From 04/2021 to 09/2021
Job Description Real Time media processing and restful APIs
Main Tech Stack ☞ GoLang
☞ Linux
☞ MySQL and PostgreSQL
☞ Docker
Some more AIconix offers B2B solutions an AI one-stop-shop, a range of features like face recognition, speech-to-text conversion and labelling from pictures and videos, in addition to our own exclusive features.​

Salú Saúde Digital - HealthTech
Title CoFounder CTO and Main Software Engineer
Location & Local São Paulo / Brazil - Hybrid
Period From 02/2020 to 04/2021
Job Description ☑ Medium term technology strategy, considering tech and business perspectives;
☑ MVP scope definition;
☑ Platform architecture;
☑ Team leading cocahing and support;
☑ Backend development;
☑ Relation with integrated partners;
☑ Software engineering research;
Main Tech Stack ☞ GoLang
☞ PostgreSQL
☞ MongoDB
☞ Terraform
☞ GitLab
Some more We're building an unique experience, delivering digital health care, prommoting new ways of keep customers engaged and commited with their own health

Open Vista Global - Asset Manager
Title Senior Software Developer - Tech Lead
Location & Local São Paulo / Brazil - In Office
Period From 11/2017 to 10/2019
Job Description ☑ User Interviews for Scope Definition
☑ Platform Design
☑ Team Building
☑ Project Planning
☑ Backend Development
Technology ☞ GoLang
☞ MongoDB
☞ Azure Managed MySQL
☞ Azure Linux Server
☞ Docker
☞ GitLab
Some more We built the best user experience with digital investment platform, focused in Brazilian market

Manticore T&C - Softwarehouse
Title Owner
Period From 12/2015 to 06/2017
Job Description Application development, technology consultancy and tactic projects organization.
During this period, I've been working with troubled projects, with complex political scenarios and limited budgets.
Technology C#, PHP, Python, Mysql, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Twig, AWS/EC2, etc.
Some more Manticore acts mainly where the companies were previously abandoned by other professionals or where there is no budget for hire a team, and my multidisciplinary experience can be useful
Projects as Manticore T&C
Pixscreen Social Network
Description Social Network for influencers
Company NewCore Brasil
TechStack PHP/SlimPHP, WordPress, APIFy, MySQL, MongoDB, Loggly
Challenge To build a crawler in a serverless structure that incrementaly discovers new relevant content, enriching our database daily with updated informations
Website https://twitter.com/pixcreen
Time to Deliver 3 Months
Companies Synchronization and Complex GeoData Organization
Description Two main tasks here:
  • To synchronize the development work between the 3 companies
  • To write a complex routine for filling geolocated water distribution information in a large database
Company Miya Water Intelligence
TechStack Oracle and C#
Challenge Dealing with necessary but undocumented Oracle features
Time to Deliver 3 Months
Travel Time Forecasting
Description To Manage a full remote team in India
Company Confidential
TechStack Javascript, PHP
Challenge The project was based in a complex algorithm and the team was resistant to be managed from outside
Time to Deliver -
Fake data generator for software testing
Description An entire platform, developed from scratch, for creating fake data and information for software testing
Company Ghost Bakery
TechStack GO, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, GCP
Challenge The biggest challenge was to implement features based on pricing tier
Website https://ghostbakery.com/
Time to Deliver 6 Months
Micro ERP
Description An administrative assistant for a small company
Company SiteSustentável
TechStack PHP/PHPSlim, PostgreSQL
Challenge To make everything the simplest possible, but with full feature, in order to comply with the budget
Website https://sitesustentavel.com.br/
Time to Deliver 6 Weeks

Axiros GmbH - IOT
Title Software Engineer
Period From 08/2015 to 12/2015
Job Description IOT focused development, with Python and C Language for Win32Api/Windows CE and Linux.
Worldwide team members and product owners, speaking portuguese, english and spanish.
Technology Python, MySql, WindosCE/Mobile, C Language over Win32 API and Windows/Linux integration
Some more Axiros is a Munich-based IoT company focused on device management with TR-069

EscolherSeguro Corretora de Seguros - Insurance Broker
Title Software Engineer & Lead Developer
Period Between 08/2011 and 03/2015
Job Description
  • Platform Design
  • Team Building
  • Project Planning
  • Backend and Frontend Development
  • Business Intelligence and SEO Integrations
Technology Azure ( Sql, VM and Storage) AWS EC2, C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PostgreSQL 9, Sql Server, Node.js, MySql, WordPress, FormStack, etc.
Some more EscolherSeguro was the first serious online insurance broker to operate in the brazilian Market.
The main goal was to generate leads offering a very popular "online price comparing tool".
We had typical finance industry challenges as high availability and agile deployment.

Imóvel do Proprietário - Real State
Title Co-Founder CTO and Software Engineer
Period Between 02/2010 and 08/2011
Job Description Creation of an entire PHP framework for fast forms development, project leading and a soft business intelligence API based on database queries
Technology PHP, HTML-Strict, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PostgreSQL9 over Linux and Win7.
Some more Imóvel do Proprietário was a brazilian website specialized in real state announcements and ads.
Was the first brazilian website focused exclusively in property owners, offering nice tools to manage the ads.

ReelMatic Eletrônica - Digital Casino Games
Title Software Engineer and technology Manager
Period From 04/2006 to 11/2011
Job Description Definition of technology strategies and advanced 2D game programming
Technology ANSI C Language over Win32API, SDL for Win32 and Linux, game servers written in C# and running PostgreSQL, and workflow software written in PHP with MySql.
Some more My greatest professional challenge, Reelmatic distinguished itself as the best brazilian casino games developer.
There, we employ ANSI C language to implement the same game in Windows and Linux, with small coding changes.
We had based all our work on the great SDL library - the most used 2D multimidia layer/framework.
Financial and taxes management server were created with C#. PostgreSQL was the game data storage engine.

KBus Ltda - Embedded Ticketing
Title Senior Software Developer
Period From 08/2005 to 04/2006
Job Description Technology consulting and programming client/server, creation of embedded API routines on x86 16 bits platform
Technology C, C#, MySql, PHP and PostgreSQL
Some more

.ComDomínio - Datacenter
Title Senior Software Developer
Period From 03/2005 to 07/2005
Job Description Software development and database design.
Technology J2EE, Oracle (PLSQL) and PostgreSQL (PL/PGSQL), PHP and DHTML.
Some more

Credigy Brasil - Debt Purchaser
Title B.I. Analyst
Period 10/2004 to 03/2005
Job Description Development and maintenance of Stored Procedures written for MS Sql Server, Statistical and financial data analysis, information and reports emission through a well integrated Sharepoint and Office 2003 environment, Daily maintenance of automatic reporting systems and Bilingual helpdesk support to managers and clients.
Technology C#, VB.Net, VB6, And mainly TransactSQL
Some more Credigy is a purchaser and manager of distressed assets with operations in the United States and Brazil. There I've worked in Business Intelligence for the first time. And it was very nice. We did highly complex SQL queries, eventually using DataMining and OLAP concepts, to offer ad-hoc answers to suport very important decisions of our directors and investors. At that time, I learned so much about automation using MS Office, about extreme complex SQL puzzles and a bit about MS SharePoint publishing. Our only database was the MS SqlServer.

Colgate Corp / GA Marketing - NGO
Title Freelance programmer
Period From 06/2003 to 06/2004
Job Description Complete software engineering and life-cycle, from plannig and design until development and continuous refactoring.
Technology MySql, JavaScript, DHTML and PHP
Some more The software was created for manage Colgate's social work for helping poor comunities with teeth care support

MIRSz Ltda. - Softwarehouse
Title Independent technology Consultant
Period From 01/2003 to 08/2004
Job Description Database design and maintenance and software development, creation and management of intranets and Mobile software development.
Technology C, C#, ASP, MSSql, MySql, PHP, eVB, VB6.
Some more

Soluziona - Softwarehouse
Title Software Developer
Period rom 06/2002 to 01/2003
Job Description PocketPC (Window CE) Software development, internal automation and database administration in Linux and Windows platforms. Backend systems development, processes analysis and software planning and design, workgroups coordination
Technology C, C#, ASP, MSSql, MySql, Oracle, PHP, eVB, VB6.
Some more

MIRSZ Ltda. - Softwarehouse
Title Software Developer and DBA
Period From 11/2001 to 06/2002
Job Description Software development and processes organization, implementing of free/open software and development over these platforms, in a form of reduce technology costs, maintenance of several database systems in different customers, Mainly Oracle, MSSql, MySql, Access and Dbase.
Technology C, C#, C++, Java ME, ASP, MSSql, MySql, PostgreSQL, PHP, eVB, VB6.
Some more MIRSZ was founded by three friends/programmers, which work with new technologies. I was one of them. In this period we work with a variety of technologies. To organizations of various sizes and even to other I.T companies. MIRSZ has strongly contributed to mobile technologies' popularization, with cellphones, smartphones, tablets or pdas, integrating embedded applications with traditional back-end application servers. There, I perform mainly as DBA and businessman. I employ massively Oracle, MSSqlServer, VisualBasic, Java and start working with C#.

Microsiga ( Currently TOTVS ) - Softwarehouse/ERP
Initial Title Systems Analyst
Title MS Sql Server DBA/DBD
Period From 10/2000 to 11/2001
Job Description Software development and maintenance on mobile devices, backend systems design and development, Transact SQL Stored Procedures creation, to replace heavy routines written in clipper on client machines.
Technology C, MSSql, Oracle, Clipper, ADVPL, VB6, CASL, Delphi.
Some more I came to Microsiga to compose the New Technologies task-force. My job was make programs in mobile devices, over Windows CE, o Palm OS e o Symbian and some proprietary OSs.
I've made programs in CASL, OPL, VB and in e-VB.
Later I went to DBA department, as MSSqlServer programmer. My work was to migrate ADVPL ( A proprietary language ) routines or Clipper to Transact-SQL.

Banco ABN Amro ( Outsourced for Advanta / WW Solutions Ltda. ) - Bank
Title Database programmer and Software Developer
Period From 06/1999 to 10/2000
Job Description Creation, maintenance and optimization of source code libraries, programming in Visual Basic with Sql Server and Oracle databases, software development for mobile devices using the CASL language, SQLServer database tunning.
Technology MSSql, MySql, PHP, VB6, Oracle.
Some more There I've made a workflow manager, intended to attend only the HelDesk department.
Also I've Learned to drive interview for gather software specs/scope ( now epic and history )

Ícone Software Office - Softwarehouse
Title DBA and Software Developer
Period From 04/1998 to 06/1999
Job Description Creation of API for huge database management applications, software systems conversion from VB3 to VB4 and VB5, technology modernizing and improvement, migrating legacy routines to the client-server architecture. ( More than one hundred thousand lines written in transact SQL.) and SQLServer v6 and v6.5 database tuning.
Technology MSSql, Acess e VB3, VB4, VB5 and VB6.
Some more Ícone is a small and agile software development enterprise.
Our work was all based on Visual Basic and MS Sql Server.
At Ícone I learned the basics of enterprise software, created hundreds of Stored Procedures.

Prompsi Informática - Softwarehouse
Title Software Developer
Period From 1996 to 1998
Job Description Development of DBMS systems.
Technology Clipper, Acess, VB3, VB4 and VB5.
Some more It was my first job as professional computer programmer

Freelancer Computing Consultant
Title Independant Technology Consultant
Period Until 04/1998
Job Description Private computing classes for executives, automation and software development for small offices and development of Personal Organization Systems.
Some more

Grupo SOS Computadores - Technology School
Title PC/Micro computer's operation Instructor
Period From 1996 to 1997
Job Description To teach how to operate a PC running DOS or Windows, and their main programs.
Technology Windows, DOS, MS Office World, PowerPoint, Excell and Acces and Wordstar, Lotus 123, DBase and Internet
Some more In Brazil, it was a famous technology school.
On the period of one year and a half, I gave classes of DBase, Q-Basic, DOS, Windows 3.1x, 95, Word, Excel, Access, Basic Computer Operation, etc. I have worked in four branches of the franchise. The main studies reference was the BBS ( Bulletin Board Systems ) and books.
At the same period, I gave private classes to executives, teaching Windows and MS Office.

Grupo Flor de Lis - Attorney
Initial Title Assistant PC Operator
Title Network administrator
Period From 1992 to 1995
Job Description Data processing, network automation and Novell Netware 3x administration
Technology XT Platform, x86, DOS batch scripts, Windows, Clipper and Novell Netware
Some more